My father introduced me to art. He shaped the neon tubing, installed, and maintained neon signs in Las Vegas, in San Francisco and wherever work took him. He loved to draw and paint and look at the stars, and I did too. I built my first telescope when I was fourteen and had the good fortune of being mentored in school by some amazingly gifted teachers including one extraordinary artist and human being James Enemark, who helped me understand that art was a very important part of who I am too.

I was trained as a chemist at U.C. Berkeley when personal computers were first being developed and introduced to the imaginations of the general public. Digital photography now provides me a medium to combine my vision of art in nature with the technical skills I have developed as a scientist working with computers every day.

Astrophotography brings me to the astonishing beauty of the our universe in the stars. I am always amazed at the beauty of star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies and I love coming back to earth with a new perception of the beauty and wonder that surrounds us every day here on Earth. I hope you find the same excitement in my photographs that I see when I am capturing those moments.

Updated 01-13-2013