The Veil Nebula NGC 6960

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The Veil Nebula
This portion of the Veil is designated as NGC 6960
It is also known as the Witch's Broom
The bright star is 52 Cygni
Constelation: Cygnus
Distance: 1400 to 2600 light years (the distance is not known acurately)

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Imaged at Soap Creek Valley
Corvallis, Oregon
12.5" f/4.8 with Lightholder primary
CCD Labs Q453 (QHY8) Camera with Televue Photo Paracorr and Hutech IDAS LPS-P2 filter
3 x 300 sec plus 1 x 480 sec subframes acquired with Nebulosity 2.2.1 with Offset 90 and Gain 21 (33%)
It was cool and damp out (46oF) with dew forming everywhere
Tom Osypowski Dual Axis Aluminum Eq. Platform
Autoguided with PHD sofware
8" f/4 Guidescope
CCD-Labs Q-guide camera with Televue Paracorr
Image processing with ImagesPlus 3.75, PixInsight, and Photoshop CS4